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The "affordable" Rallye


One of the last automotive adventures


For the 12th time, the Allgäu-Orient-Rallye will start on the 7th of May 2017. The rules are pretty straightforward, you'll find them underneath. Most people think we're crazy when telling them about our intentions, but please see for yourself.


The framework:


  • Start point: Oberstaufen, Germany
  • End point: Amman, Jordan
  • The cars must not be more valuable than 1.111,11€ or must be at least 20 years old
  • Motorcycles are allowed and must be older than 20 years or worth less than 1,11€ per ccm
  • A rallye team consists of 6 people and 3 cars or mixed with 2 cars, 2 motorcycles etc.
  • Not all cars have to reach the finish line, but all team members
  • No highways, no navigation system
  • No ferrys, except the ones in the roadbook
  • Sleeping only in cars, outdoors, tents or hotels not costing more than 11,11€ per person and night


It'll be 111 teams, respectively 666 adventurers or 333 rusty cars and motorcycles, that will start in May 2017 in Oberstaufen, Germany, to the approximately 3 week trip to Amman in Jordan. Many different countries have to be crossed such as the Czech Republic, Croatia, Albania, Macedonia, Turkey, Israel and Palestine.

It's not all about the fun


Of course the intention of the event is about adventures, fun and different cultures, but not exclusively. It also brings you the insight, that not everybody on our planet has the same privileges as we do. Not everybody has a life as easy as ours. The problems in our daily life might seem not as significant as the problems of other people, not having a home, or not knowing if the next day will bring something to eat or to warm yourself. The spirit of the Rallye considers these people along the road and their problems. Therefore it is also a huge Chrarity event. Within its 11 years of existence the Rallye has gathered more than 1 million € of donations for various social projects. This number doesn't even cover the social projects sponsored by all the teams taking part on the Rallye. It's common practice, that every team picks an own social project along the road and collects charitable donations on their own to support these facilities.

Our team has decided to support the organization SOS Children's Villages. In our opinion children are and always will be the future of our world. Therefore, we're looking forward to helping them with donations of food, medicine, clothes and toys. We have now picked the Village in Kraljevo in Serbia, which we can visit on our trip to hand over our donations in person.

To support us and our project, you can find our financial model here (The prices displayed are outdated, please refer to our crowdfunding project for online donations or get in touch with one of our members)

In-kind donations

The Cars

The Team


The initial idea to participate on the Rallye was trigerred by the siblings and motorsport enthusiasts Rebecca and Moritz. Since the 111 start numbers are usually sold out within minutes, we didn't have much hope when we realized we were late by one day. We tried it anyways and to our surprise - we made it: #98 is ours. The rest of the team was gathered fastly - Rebecca's husband Basti had no chance to say no, Sarah is always enthusiastic when it comes to travelling. For the last two spots we hired a student friend of Sarah and Moritz, Simon, together with his old school friend Kalli, who is also well known. Now the team is complete, but scattered over Germany and the Netherlands. 6 people out of 5 different places:

  • Mannheim
  • Hamburg
  • Cassel
  • Munich
  • Amsterdam


Next hurdle to take: the team name. We registered the team without a name (tbd - to be discussed). In spite of the distance we made a meeting in person possible, only Simon was connected from Amsterdam via phone. Many ideas cam up, most of them already used in former Rallyes or dowdy. After different proposals we came to an old german word for turn signal; "Fahrtrichtungswechselanzeiger". To make it even more exotic, our live correspondent from the Netherlands clarified, what "Fahrrichtungswechselanzeiger" is in Dutch: Oogklep

First goal achieved, we have all three Team Oogklep cars acquired. Number 1 is the 30 year old Volkswagen Passat 32B that is called by the essentially german name of Schorsch. Schorsch should have made enough experience in his further life to make Rebecca's and Basti's trip to Amman look easy.

The second car is a Nissan Terrano II. It has not yet a name, but this will be auctioned off on our Event on 18.03.2017 with CrossFit Ludwigshafen. 21 years old and a right hand drive combined with part time 4x4 should be the perfect mix to guide us through difficult situations. With Sarah and Moritzbehind the wheel - what could possibly go wrong?

Last but not least the luxury ride of our team; a Volvo 850 from 1996. Partly leathered seats bringing the comfort, swedish steel provides the safety. With two seats in the trunk it is, same as the Nissan, an official 7-seater. Safely guided by Simon and Kalli.


Diversity, style and technical excellence - that's our car pool.


More information regarding the cars can be found (and hopefully understood by non-german speaking folks) here

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